2017 Plastic Surgery Trends

Every year, aesthetic associations report their annual statistics all over the media and TV shows, magazines and bloggers all eat up these figures. These statistics, are based on the previous year and tells us which procedures are tanking and which ones are trending.

Here’s what are sure to be the hottest aesthetic trends in 2017.

Plastic Surgery Flourishes

Plastic surgery is predicted to be the largest emerging market by the time 2020 hits, a report from Persistence Market Research states that both Europe and North America will dominate the plastic surgery market because of the general acceptance of aesthetic procedures and the growing ageing population. Europe, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK hold the dominant share of the plastic surgery market. Watch for activity in Asia, especially in India and China.

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In recent years, plastic surgery has also become hugely popular in Australia. If you live in or around the Sydney area, Dr Zurek is one of the top Australian cosmetic surgeons who administers the latest technology and trends in the plastic surgery industry.

Transgender Procedures Boom

With more and more individuals transitioning publicly, we will surely reach the tipping point this year. The conventional method of applying only one or two surgical procedures has shown to be insufficient in the past. We now know that there are a number of other subtle adjustments that can significantly increase the attractiveness of a woman’s face. Watch for an increase in trend setting transgender procedures.

Smoother Lips Are Hot In 2017

Kylie Jenner lips and overfull plump cheeks were popular in 2016. But in 2017, the focus of new fillers on the market is to smooth things out and not plump things up. We will see more naturally wrinkle-free and smoother skin than we did last year

Hello Dimples, So Long Pimples

Finally, after years of waiting, acne sufferers can expect to see several new procedures available to treat their acne. When or if these new methods get approved, it could very well mean the end to acne and pimples once and for all. Dimples, on the other hand, are set for a huge comeback. If you don’t have dimples to accentuate your smile but have always wanted them, you can now get them in just one fast and straightforward procedure.  The procedure is called dimplectomy keep your eye out for this innovative scarless procedure.

PRP Injections Gain Momentum

There is an extensive list of uses for platelet-rich plasma which continues to grow every year. Cosmetic professionals use PRP for facial recontouring, lip enhancement, hair restoration, vaginal rejuvenation and much more.

Vaginal Rejuvenation

Until recently, we’ve had a surgical procedure called Labiaplasty –  a procedure used to minimise extra skin. However, now we have innovative, new treatments that we can administer using a fractionated CO2 laser to improve sensitivity, lubrication and tighten and in some cases correct urinary problems. Many urologists have reported a dramatic decline in prescriptions that treat overactive bladders due to the success of these new vaginal rejuvenation therapies. Vaginal rejuvenation involves no downtime with long lasting results.