Hair Loss

5 Reasons why a Woman Might Suffer Hair Loss

Unfortunately, there are literally millions of women around the world who suffer from this demoralising condition, and the medical sector has yet to find a cure for hair loss, which leaves a range of treatments that are effective to a degree. Here are some of the things that can cause hair loss in no particular order.

  1. Alopecia – Also known as spot baldness, it is a disease of the autoimmune system due to the failure of the body to recognise its own cells and it attacks them. The condition is rarely complete and usually results in one or two hairless areas on the scalp, which can be a devastating blow to a fashion conscious woman’s morale. Typically round or oval in shape, these bald areas are very noticeable, but fortunately, there are innovative, non-invasive ways to restore the hair to its original condition. If, for example, a woman was looking for a female hair loss clinic in Belfast, a simple online search would put them in touch with a hair restoration clinic.
  1. Pregnancy – The growth of another human life within the mother really does take its toll, and sometimes, due to a hormonal imbalance, pregnancy can cause temporary hair loss. There are hair extension treatments available that will discreetly cover the thinned areas and when the hair growth resumes, the extensions can be removed.
  1. Chemotherapy – Many female cancer sufferers opt for chemotherapy, as it is very effective at killing off the cancer cells, yet one of the side effects is that you will lose all your hair. This total hair loss is temporary and once the chemotherapy sessions are over, the hair will regrow as if nothing happened. Aside from wearing a wig, there is one system that would allow the wearer to lead a perfectly normal life, and it involves micro beading human hair extensions into a fine mesh that covers the scalp.
  1. Stress and Anxiety – Many things can affect a woman’s hormone levels, and stress is one of them. Extreme anxiety has been known to bring on major hair loss, and this is temporary and will end when the individual is no longer feeling stressed.
  1. Severe Trauma – A person can suddenly experience trauma, perhaps in a vehicle accident or a serious injury caused by a fall, and this can lead to hair loss. If this is the case, the patient should focus on getting well and realise that the hair loss is a result of the sudden event. If there was a sudden death in the family, this can also result in losing hair, and whatever the cause, there are modern treatments available at online clinics across the UK.

Whatever the cause, and whether it is temporary or permanent, there are non-surgical treatments that restore any amount of hair and give the wearer back their self-confidence. If this is something you suffer with, search online for a hair restoration clinic in your area, and before long, hair loss is no longer an issue.