Choosing the Most Effective Laser Hair Removal Treatment

There are several types of laser hair removal procedures you can try to remove unwanted hair from the body. While they are all relatively effective at removing excess hair and preventing future growth, some are more painful and less effective than others.

Contemporary laser hair removal procedures are available with different methods, while some traditional methods such as the “shots” treatment are less pleasant.

Traditional “Shots” Laser Hair Removal Treatment

This is a more outdated laser hair removal treatment that uses systems such as Cynosure, Candela, and Magma. Throughout the treatment, the equipment applies laser energy to a specific target area, raising the temperature of the hair follicle to 45-50 degrees and moving it one or two centimeters, then repeating the process until the entire area is covered.

The process can be painful due to the fact that all of the energy is delivered simultaneously, followed by a cooling method used to prevent burns and minimize pain. Some patients may be able to use numbing cream before undergoing the procedure, but this can make it more difficult to detect damage done to the skin.

YAG and Diode Laser Hair Removal

If you want to avoid pain while benefiting from the same level of effectiveness as traditional “shots” laser hair removal, consider either diode or YAG procedures. Both procedures make use of infrared lasers to penetrate the surface of the skin and heat each hair follicle until new hair growth is impossible in that area.

This is because the heat disrupts the protein pigment that creates the hair’s color, resulting in the swelling of the melanin and rupturing of the follicle cells. However, the skin remains comfortable and cool throughout the procedure.

The key difference between both YAG and diode procedures is that the “diode” is used on lighter skin tones, while YAH is ideal for darker skin. Both are equally safe and painless, preventing burns. They’re also FDA-approved.

How Often You Should Get Laser Hair Removal Treatments

The fact that the YAG procedure uses an energy that operates at a lower energy level than the diode treatment makes it safer, but you’ll also lose less hair during the treatment as a result. This is why YAG typically requires ten sessions, whereas diode laser removal requires six. During each session, lasers can treat different areas to help prevent the growth of new hair without any need for future treatments.

Ultimately, if you want laser hair removal, much like when you are trying to lose body fat, there are several options to choose from with today’s innovations in hair removal technology. If you are willing to tolerate a small level of pain like after a tough workout, you don’t need to avoid traditional “shots” treatment, but if you want to avoid pain throughout, you’re better off undergoing either YAG or diode procedures.

If you’re unsure about which is right for you, consult with a reputable laser hair removal specialist, who can help determine what you’ll benefit from the most.