Complete guide of How HGH supplements work

Growth hormone (HGH), also referred as somatotropin is basically a hormone secreted and created by the pituitary, a gland located in the brain. This hormone offers two types of effects that are beneficial to the human body. This article is a complete guide to HGH and its impact on human beings

One of the characteristics of HGH (abbreviated as Human Growth Hormone) is its direct effect on other cells. Growth hormone binds to certain cells and then causes specific actions. For example, united HGH with a fat cell eliminates its ability to amass the surrounding lipids. In other words, HGH prevents the accumulation of grease and fatty deposits in the body. HGH also creates other indirect effects on the body by causing the secretion of insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1), a hormone with a chemical structure similar to that of insulin. IGF-1 is secreted primarily by the liver and has the property of stimulating muscle growth. This hormone causes muscle cells to proliferate, stimulates the absorption of amino acids and promotes the synthesis of proteins by muscle and other tissues.

So here’s where the HGH’s ability to increase muscle mass and tone the skin and flesh comes from. Growth hormone has important effects on:

  • Protein metabolism in humans: Growth hormone (HGH), increases the absorption of amino acids, stimulates protein synthesis and decreases oxidation.
  • Fat Metabolism: HGH allows the body to tear down fat cells more effectively in order to prevent fatty clumps.
  • Carbohydrate metabolism: HGH maintains blood sugar levels at a good level. When HGH is found in lesser amounts in the body, caused by aging, muscle mass decreases and flesh loosens, fat accumulates, skin hair, and nails (all protein compounds) deteriorate.
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In fact, scientists have recently proven that HGH has an important role for the whole body and keeps it healthy. This includes sexual functions, proper functioning of the digestive system, liver and glands. HGH is essential for maintaining youthful vigor and health, whether it is interacting with certain cells or playing an important role in the proper functioning of our system. HGH supplements were once reserved for the super-rich in this world. Until recently, only HGH injections made it possible to increase the growth hormone level in the body at an enormous cost. Because you see, it is impossible to make a supplement of HGH that would enter the blood system in another way than by injection because the HGH molecule is a heavy to pass through the digestive system walls even though it is permeable.. The only other way to increase the level of HGH in the body is to take a “stimulator” that allows the body to produce its own growth hormone. Nowadays, natural supplements and pharmaceutical companies have improved the way to boost the production of HGH by the body itself by creating anti-aging products able to activate the production of growth hormone. Thus, the body begins to produce its own HGH naturally until reaching the level of that of a younger person.

One of these HGH activator products is the GenF20 supplement. Manufactured according to strict quality standards, this anti-aging supplement works by stimulating the pituitary gland to release and secrete more HGH by itself. Thus, HGH is released into the body as nature intended, that is, by this brain gland, in the same way as when you were 20 years old.