Fascia and the Science Behind it

In case you thought the FasciaBlaster® was just an aesthetic tool, think again!!! Even though the FasciaBlaster® does eliminate cellulite and reduce fat pockets through targeting fascial adhesions, this is by no means its only use.

You might not realize this, but I’m NOT a model, fit chick, or athlete. I’m 44, a mother of 3 kids, and have had 22 surgeries including a hip replacement. I was diagnosed with JRA as a kid and had a host of orthopedic problems growing up.

When every field of science –- including traditional, alternative, Eastern and Western medicine, physical therapy and fitness failed to help me and the pain was intense beyond words, I had to use my own body as a “petri dish” and concoct my own methods for healing. I spring-boarded off many pre-established schools of thought until I was finally able to connect the dots and find the common thread that had been so blatantly overlooked throughout my research—FASCIA!

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Fascia is finally becoming known to the public in its most infant form, but it’s something I’ve been studying and educating on for over two decades. By pioneering the science of Fasciology™, I’ve could help tens of thousands of people from all walks of life to restore their health – from those suffering from chronic pain to pro-athletes, some of the world’s richest and most influential people and everyday housewives.

Originally, I had clinics where we would perform fascial release on our clients to heal all sorts of pain and imbalances! When I saw the amazing results, they were having and how treating their fascia radically improved their lives and health, I realized I couldn’t keep this knowledge to myself– and so the FasciaBlaster® was born! In my clinics, we designed and used various tools to help rake through the fascia at the surface as well as intramuscularly. After years of testing, we discovered the most effective design for treating fascia is the FasciaBlaster®.

The FasciaBlaster® is a patented device that is unlike anything on the market!! It is an affordable, self-use tool that will loosen and treat tight fascia that can cause pain and inflammation, limit muscle access, restrict circulation and nerve activity, and cause misalignments and imbalances, cellulite, and so much more!

If you have recurring pain and stiffness, the FasciaBlaster® is your answer!!! Fascia is the #1 root cause of most joint pain and is oftentimes the culprit for full body mystery pain. Every day I get HUNDREDS of messages from users all around the world who are astounded by the results they’re getting from the FasciaBlaster®!

I am available via my “Ashley Black Guru” account to help guide you and give your personal advice on how the FasciaBlaster® can benefit you! Send me your story and I will be happy to give you information based on your specific situation!