Fitness Camps and Why You Should Try One

In our mundane life, we are often busy with our tight work schedule and other engagements and have little or no time to spare. Thus, we hardly have any time for exercise or fitness training and tend to be less attentive towards our health. As a result, with time we become flabby and unfit and before we know it, we start harboring health issues and subsequent problems.

Fitness Camps are a new trend that is flourishing quite extensively and are being followed by many, across the globe, in combating health issues related to overweight and obesity. Also referred to as ‘Boot Camps’, they are a great way to reduce the extra weight and also increase the core strength of an individual. It consists of a program designed for physical training through numerous exercises and activities and are conducted by physical instructors, trainers and gyms. Mostly, Boot camps are done in group sessions, where intense work out and physical training are carried out in uniform sets, generally over a time line of one hour at a stretch. Many such fitness camps also have provision for selection of a low carbohydrate, high protein diet that is customized according to the client’s nutrient needs. Fitness Camps have multiple benefits that are tangible and the difference can be identified in a drastic way.

Reduction of weight and extra fat: One of the most important benefits of joining a fitness or weight loss camp is that the extra bulk gets burnt in the process, making us less susceptible to health hazards arising from them. Also, we achieve a more toned figure with more agility and fitness level.

Stress and Tension Relief: Joining a well organized Boot Camp has a huge impact on the stress and tension level of an individual, since it creates an environment and schedule starkly different from the usual routine that he or she follows. This, as a result, refreshes the mind and liberates him or her from the regular worries.

Greater sense of camaraderie and moral support:  Since Boot Camps are generally carried out in groups, a sense of mutual support and camaraderie grows within the participants since they have the same goal of reducing weight and being healthy. Also, doing exercises in groups helps us to motivate ourselves to work harder and enhances our team work skills.

Reduces monotonicity: Participating in Boot Camps or even better Yoga Retreats kills the monotonicity of our mundane lifestyle since we experience a new schedule filled with physical exertion and activities and gives us a greater incentive in working harder and not slacking off as we grow tired.

Change in outlook: Fitness Camps help in changing our outlook towards regular working out and enhances our notion of physical fitness. Put in another way, Fitness Camps help a lot in cutting out our usual aversion towards exercises and incentivizes it by rendering tangible changes in our physique.

Lastly,  a thing that must be kept in mind before joining a fitness camp is that it will be stressful and tough in the beginning to keep up to such a schedule. But only if we can convince ourselves to hang in there, will we achieve our desirable results.