How Does Anavar Help Bodybuilders To Get Improved Strength And Physique

Anavar is also called as Oxandrolone which is the most popular steroid among bodybuilders present on the market today. The prime reasons that make it most popular are its low price, efficient results and high availability.

About origin of Anavar

Anavar was first introduced in the market by Searle Inc in the 1960s.  After 1990, this organization was later known as Pfizer.  Its main aim is to enhance the regrowth of tissues of muscles in patients who are suffering from wasting and disabling ailments.

How does Anavar help in promoting desired physical benefits?

Anavar is a popular steroid that helps in building lean muscle in men and women.  It assists in shedding fat while maintaining lean muscle tissue. It helps to retain muscle mass while cutting.

How do Anavar works?

Anavar help in improving the strength and boosting energy in a person. It does so by encouraging the synthesis of phosphocreatine present inside the muscle tissue. It is a form of an anabolic steroid that is majorly prescribed for therapeutic purposes.

Over the past few years, the bodybuilders all around the world have relied heavily on its remarkable capability to improve muscle growth while lowering undesired body fat.

Side effects associated with this steroid

Among the commonly available steroids, Anavar is the mildest of all. Due to its mild action, Anavar users are required to consume it in high doses. This dose can go till maximum 100mg to provide the desired effects.

Anavar is the best supplement to promote fat loss. Its mild nature causes side effects of less intensity on men and women. These side effects are only seen when a person consumes inferior quality of the product or in high doses beyond the prescribed dosage.

These side effects are high bad cholesterol, liver problems, heart damage, low bad cholesterol, unwanted body hair, deep voice, acne, squaring of the jaw etc.

Ideal dosage of Anavar

Women users are advised to consume 10mg per day. Male users should take 30mg of it every day as a starting dose. If you are an experienced steroid user expecting to gain bodybuilding results, then you can easily consume 60mg of Anavar on a daily basis.

Anavar is an effective and safe steroid made for beginner and experienced steroid users. By consuming it for a considerable period of period gives one a super lean and amazing cut look easily.