Know More About Rowing Machine And Its Different Types of Resistance Mechanism

There are four types of rowers available in the market, having different resistance system from one another. Many of us are not aware about their working, and thus here we’ve put together all the information that you need about rowers, so that you can choose the best one for your individual needs.

Air rowing resistance

Air rowing resistance machine is the most opted for among all the others. It was launched in the 1980, also known as Ergos, is the standard piece for indoor use. The resistance it created by rotating of the fly wheel. We need to just pull the holder of the rower, this will lead to the rotation of the fly wheel, which will generate resistance.

The harder and stronger you peddle, the faster the rotation of fly wheel and more resistance will be generated. This category of rower will offer you diverse and adjustable level of conflict. This rower is very handy and compact, and it is advisable for those who have balancing issue.

Water rowing resistance

Water rowing resistance machine use a liquid fly wheel. There is a tank, which is enclosed to the handle and chain. As we pull the handle, the peddle spins inside the moving water, which creates resistance. It is quite similar to air rower, the faster you spin, the more resistance is generated. The spinning of peddle inside the water gives a rustling sound, which is quite similar to rowing in the river.

Magnetic rowing resistance

Due to its compact size, magnetic rower is the most preferred option among the people to use it at home. It is designed with a magnetic brake, which can regulate the resistance level.

You can correct the resistance level as per your requirement, and the information as shown on the manual such as speed, burning of calories and distance are very accurate and precise. This rower is ideal for small size apartment also, as it is small in size as well as there is no sound while operating due to lack of friction.

Hydraulic piston rowing resistance

The two major reasons for its popularity are its condensed size and affordable price. Two pistons are attached to the rower for resistance, when we pull against the air pressure, the resistance is generated inside the piston.

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