Lymph Node Massage Benefits

Regular sessions with a massage therapist can be quite an effective strategy for living the healthiest life you can.  Indeed, just a monthly Swedish massage appointment could work wonders for your muscle pain, circulation, and even your emotional stress.  Sometimes, though, even the most popular form of massage is not enough to alleviate your particular health issues.

Perhaps, then, a visit to a specialty Euro-spa destination spa might be in order. These establishments might, for example, offer reflexology—or even lymph node—massage to help you improve your health.


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In many Eastern traditions, there is a philosophy that the human body contains a network of energy channels called meridians.  This is a network that, essentially, connects organs to other parts of the body.  Those who follow this belief system understand that it is possible to alleviate a headache, for example, by massaging the fingers; or settle an upset stomach by massaging the instep.

Think of it this way: popular Swedish massage encourages improved blood flow to alleviate pain; reflexology massage encourages improved energy flow to alleviate actual health conditions.



The life force meridian network characterized in reflexology is actually somewhat related to the body’s actual lymph node network.  These glands are located all over the body and will become inflamed when there is an illness or an injury.  This is why doctors feel under your arms, under your chin, and in other odd places when you get a check up: they are actually feeling for swollen nodes that could be indicative of another condition.

For example:


  • Swollen lymph glands of the neck, jaw, or ears could be an indication of an upper respiratory infection or that you have experienced an injury around your head (including, but not limited to, of course) a tumor or infection
  • Swollen lymph glands of the collarbone could be an indication of an infection in the lungs, neck, abdomen, or breasts
  • Swollen lymph glands of the armpit could be an indication of an injury to the arm or an infection around the arm or hands; these nodes can also help to diagnose breast cancer or lymphoma
  • Swollen lymph glands of the groin could be an indication of an injury to lower extremities like the legs and feet or groin/genitals; and might also help to diagnose cancers of this region, too (lymphoma, testicular cancer, melanoma, etc).