Sculpsure Fort Lauderdale

As a laser based liposuction therapy that is non-invasive and does not entail surgery, Sculpsure has become popular among many weight conscious women. It burns up fat cells without affecting the skin or body organs. It’s guaranteed ability to give you a flatter stomach, do away with flabby flanks, (“spare tires”, “love handles”) or tissue overhang, is proven. Although the procedure was not developed for weight reduction of obese candidates, more people, even in Fort Lauderdale, FL. are trying it for aesthetic body contouring reasons. 

Sculpsure Procedure Sculpsure candidates fall into two broad groups, those with little excess fat-1 inch by pinch-who would be ok with a ¼ reduction of fat, and patients with over 1 inch pinch fat. These are better off with liposuction but don’t want invasive surgery. They might however require more than one session of the laser therapy. The therapy is intended for people with a BMI of 30 or less. It was cleared by the FDA fairly recently (2015) and is administered in the flanks and lower and upper abdomen. However, because of the modular design of the applicators, therapy can include application to the chin, buttocks, arms, back and thighs. Patients first discuss with their doctor specific areas of laser application. They are cleared if any medicine they might be taking isn’t contra-indicated. During therapy, the doctor will mark the areas of application on the reclining patient, tie the laser belt around them and activate it. The device alternates between heat and cooling intervals. Each session lasts 25 minutes, but the therapy can be repeated 6 – 12 weeks after the first session. The body’s lymphatic system flushes out the dead cells. Positive results of the therapy can be seen in about 12 weeks. Sculpsure is not known to have discernible long-term side effects. Patients usually want to know if this is a once-in-a-lifetime procedure. Doctors agree that the destroyed cells do not regenerate, however the lifestyle that brought about excess fat in the first-place needs to change, otherwise new fat cells will continue being produced by the body. Sculpsure therapy can be done on patients who earlier underwent liposuction and Coolsculpt. The average cost of Sculpsure in Fort Lauderdale is $1,700 (2017). There are variations based on surgeons, complexity and duration of the procedure, and proximity to the centers. 
1 Sculpsure centers around Ft. Lauderdale, FL.: Bodycare clinic 100 North Federal Highway Fort Lauderdale,